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Robohontas Blogs Again!

As I've worked to update and create a new web presence for Robohontas, I figured that I should still keep a blog going. Most of my efforts with Robohontas nowadays are focused on her Facebook and Twitter pages, where I collect and link to various news articles of interest. These are usually related to Native/Indigenous and environmental issues.

But I miss making art with Robohontas! So, in honor of her debut in 2011, I wanted to start this new blog off with one of her first original posts, with the original doll. There is a second Robohontas doll that I've been meaning to assemble from parts I have for some time now. As the first doll is starting to show some serious signs of wear (mainly after a dip in the saltwater of Puget Sound for a photoshoot last year) I realize that I may need to retire her soon. Or at least limit her future activity.

There is still one more project I have going on right now that she'll feature in, so if doll #1 retires, she'll still go out with a bang!

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