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#DearNonNatives: Listen

#DearNonNatives: we isolate ourselves for protection - stop hurting Native people

#DearNonNatives your theories are weaponized.

#DearNonNatives: your activism is grounded on our homelands. Remember that. Honor that.

#DearNonNatives: English Only is colonialism

#DearNonNatives your systems are still stealing NDN children. Your systems need to crumble.

#DearNonNatives my kunsi (grandmother) lived to be 104 & just made her journey. Her mother lived to be 107. No, I will NOT just get over it.

#DearNonNative your classrooms are violent spaces. Stop inflicting more harm on Native Youth. Right now.

#DearNonNatives: I'm not Native American, I'm Ihanktonwan

#DearNonNatives: You don't get to identify who is Native. Also, non-Native borders are bullshit. Tell the world.

--A selection of #DearNonNatives tweets from @MahpiyaWaciWin (Ihanktonwan Dakota/Nakota)

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