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Tiger Lily (Doll) Finds a New Home

Just an update on what ultimately happened to my Tiger Lily doll. After I had purchased her for use towards the "Taking Back Tiger Lily" submission I had published by Four Winds Native Literary Magazine, I felt like I wasn't quite sure what to do with her. Would I still use her occasionally with my Robohontas site? Was she just going to sit on a shelf and not do anything?

Well, I finally realized where she needed to end up. Last week I mailed her to the Editor of Four Winds as a thank you for all the hard work she did putting that issue together. Now she is in Misty Shipman Ellingburg's hands! She has already shared a few photos of her new charge, including the one above (where I believe she is wearing an example of Misty's beadwork).

I don't know if this is the last we'll ever see of Tiger Lily here or not. I never would say never! But for now, this doll has found a new home and my focus here remains on Robohontas. In fact, I'm working on a new project with Robohontas that I think could be very exciting. It is still in the planning stages, but as things come together, I'll write more about it. Hopefully, soon.

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