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We Share a Language, History, Religion, Foods, the Bonds of Family...

"Growing up as I did, on the Ojibwe Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota, it was patently obvious to me that Indians came in all different shapes and colors. I’m fairly light-skinned and have been told many times that, looking the way I do, I can’t be an Indian, not a real one. I’ve heard this from colleagues, writers, neighbors. Once I was told I couldn’t be Indian because we’d all been killed. And yet I am. We are bound by much more than phenotype or blood quantum; we share a language, history, religion, foods, the bonds of family." -David Treuer (Ojibwe)

From "Kill the Indians, Then Copy Them" in the New York Times (9/29/2012)

#DavidTreuer #Robohontas #bloodquantum #survival #language

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